Monday, September 2, 2013

A Study in Oenophelia

Greetings and Salutations! It has certainly been awhile since I excitedly started a blog 2 years ago then promptly abandoned it. Recent developments have prompted me to give it another whirl. One year ago April I passed the Level 2 Certified Sommelier course with the Court of Master Sommeliers. This past July I passed the Certified Specialist in Wine with the Society of Wine Educators. Each step deeper I take into the rabbit hole only serves to further fascinate me. So it is with much fanfare I announce my intention to attempt the Level 3 Advanced Sommelier course. This course has a pass rate of about 10%, is comprised of three sections: Theory, Tasting, and Service. In an effort to prepare for this exam I am starting back up the blog. I will be detailing all of the wines I taste. This will serve a twofold purpose ... it will serve as a written record I can go back to and...You, my precious reader, get to tag along and have me as your personal "Som."

We shall begin in Spain, where my knowledge is most pressed. I will try to detail the books I am reading the wines I am tasting, and the websites I am visiting. Please feel free to respond with any questions, comments, or criticisms you might have. Without further ado....

We begin in Ribera Del Duero. An arid region in central Spain.

The wine is called Tinto Pesquera, 2009.

Varietal: Tinto Fino (an indigenous clone of Tempranillo) 100%

Nose: A powerful combination of black fruits and rich earthy aromas. Blackberry, currant, bramble and a licorice core. The earth is all fresh turned potting soil and saddle leather.  Spicy. It sees a fair amount of American new oak so all the usual suspects are here. Baking spices (cinnamon, vanilla, clove) and cedary cigar box.

Palette: Stunning. Rich and dense. A grippy tannic mouthfeel with loads of licorice and blackberry. A country mile finish. Acidity is quite high and would defiantly recommend food. I had mine with Manchengo cheese, fig paste and fresh baked bread.

Signing off for now I will be back soon with a Priorat, Rias Biaxes Albarino, and a Gran Reserva Rioja. Until Then, Salut.

Joshua M. Potter
Certified Sommelier, CSW